Dehumidifier Shop


Find mobile dehumidifiers for home, basement and for laundry drying. Entfeuchter Center is a very unique and specialized shop offering a wide and handpicked selection of the best dehumidifiers in all categories, from small to big. All machines are available from stock.

Dehumidification is our core business. We are familiar with all models and know them from our daily work by heart. For this reason we can recommend you the most fitting model for any requirement - at bestprice, of course.

You can place your order online or, even better, you are more than welcome to visit us anytime in our shop in Baden. Let us explain you the differences between the various dryers in our large showroom to find to perfect device for your field of application.

All our dehumidifiers are suitable for general humidity regulation to prevent from smell and mildew in homes, bedroom, basements or storagerooms. In addition we can recommend you well working dryers to speed up the laundry drying process, independent if you are looking for a mobile, wallmounted device or even a drying cabinet.

All of the devices
- are energy saving
- have the compressor AND the fan stopping at reach of target humidity
- have a built-in humidistat to regulate target humidity
- have a direct hose connection option, so you can collect the condensed water in the bucket or drain away by hose.